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A HAVEN which seeks to HEAL 

Yoga practice has the ability to improve not just physical health, but also forge a deeper connection between mind and body. Coupled with other wellness methods from Asia, we have curated a healing experience for all our guests. 

Welcome to your oasis of calm and wellness space. Here there is no rush. Just be.

Spacious Studio

In our city where space is such a premium, we have decided that SPACE is exactly what our clients and community should have, when practising yoga. A brightly lit, well-ventilated and contemporarily designed studio with comfortable space for everyone

We also keep class sizes small, and well below maximum capacity, in order to give maximum attention to each student. We believe this is the best way for you to progress and own your practice


Himalayan Salt Sauna

Regular sauna has several health benefits: detoxing of body, stress relief, improved cardio activity and muscle relaxation


Add in a wall of himalayan rock salt, and your post workout recovery or quiet me-time will be filled with extra positive vibes, clarity of thoughts and glowing skin

Herbal Foot Bath

Besides stimulating overall blood circulation, a herbal foot bath can draw negative energy away from the head, stimulate more than 60 acupoints on the foot, and strengthen organ systems throughout the body; making it key for detoxifying and restoring balance to our bodies

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Tea & Rest Area

After a busy day at work or home, and an invigorating yoga practice, chill at our members rest and tea area where we serve various wellness teas. Over a cup, relax and catchup with friends and other guests, having a perfect wrap to your workout experience 


Welcome to your Haven

Experience for yourself the 3H Yoga difference

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